lengthier eyelashes

How to make your lashes longer at home

The natural way is one of the best ways to achieve lengthier eyelashes. Here are home remedies for long eyelashes that you can use to provide you with the longer eyelashes you wish.

Vaseline application at night is one way you can help your eyelashes grow longer. Make sure you remove make up with a makeup remover from your lashes, and then use a thin, clean applicator brush to apply little bitVaseline to insure that all your lashes are covered. Don’t forget to wash your morning Vaseline clean!

Natural Oils – whether its olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil, adding these substances to your lashes would be fantastic. Not only can the lengthening agents lengthen but they also moisturize and nourish your lashes, making them long and shiny. Apply an oil of choice nightly to your lashes for best results, preferably with a thin brush to minimize spillage. Wash the morning clean.

Silk Amino Acids – the use of silk amino acids on your eyelashes can increase its length considerably, as it is widely used in hair products and substances that are able to penetrate and strengthen damaged hair. Using an applicator brush to apply the Silk Amino Acid solution to the eyelashes. Leave the morning for overnight, and wash out.

Biotin – is a natural drug that raises the rate of hair growth on the body while avoiding hair loss at the same time, giving you longer, thicker lashes. Taking biotin as part of the Vitamin B family can not only increase your lashes longer but also improve the overall quality of your hair, skin and nails. Biotin can be purchased at any local health food store. Follow the directions on the bottle, when taking biotin.

For the simple reason these things can add to the attractiveness of the eyes and to a woman’s oomph, people have always preferred to make your lashes longer at home.


Nevertheless, who are not blessed with long and thick lashes usually look to cosmetic treatments such as using the mascara, false eyelashes and ample eyelash enhancement items on the market.

When opting for cosmetic treatments, what most women fail to realize is that no chemical enhancer or cosmetic product can ever be a replacement for natural beauty.

Celebrities who use fake eyelashes reaching right up to their cheeks have frequently come in for a lot of flak to be filled with falsities.

The chemicals used to add false eyelashes to the upper eyelid considered to have horrific side effects if used for a prolonged time.


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