You have to know how to keep your dyed hair strong and healthy

Would you like to choose a trendy hair color to spruce things up a bit? As much as some of us may want to experiment with different hair colors, we stop for fear of letting our hair quality be ruined by all that chemicals do. So, the best thing is that we don’t go for it at all, right? Yeah, if you put in a little extra effort, you can get the best of both worlds. Actually.

For everyone going out with this season-platinum hair’s hair trends to dark chocolate, you don’t even have to miss the fun. What you need to do is keep your dyed hair strong and healthy before and after coloring. Here are some hints to keep your hair colored:

protein-hair masks

Hydrate it

The after-effects of hair color are mostly moisture loss. You must remember that your hair is hydrated. Also, shampooing or using a conditioner won’t be enough.

Select the best shampoo

hair coloringChoosing the best shampoo is an ideal hair care regime for healthy hair after coloring. Due to this you need to choose the best shampoo for yourself.

Use protein-hair masks to feed extra

Most of us don’t have time to wear hair masks, but it’s a strict habit. Try applying a hair mask an hour before shampooing, deeply moisturizing your hair. Protein hair masks are perfect to fix damaged hair. Whispering one egg and two tablespoons of mayonnaise in a bowl until smooth, then adding the mixture to your head, from the roots to the tips, will make one at home. Leave 20 minutes before rinsing well with shampoo.


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