wavy hair

What are various Fashion and elegant updos for any events?

Updos has the potential for sleek, classy designs, as well as casual and sporty styles. Curly hair has a distinct difference from straight or wavy hair, mainly because of its messiness and frizz propensity it tends to produce when put up. Fortunately, those who have curly hair can get some elegant updos for any events to create an elegant and classy look.


Curly hair like any other type of hair is easy for a ponytail. Unlike other hair types, it may seem more challenging due to the curls and frizzing potential while brushing and teasing the hair. In fact, even when you have curly hair a simple ponytail is easy.

The first step is to always use a comb to make any tangles work out. If you have moist, recently washed hair, this is better than dry hair, because it won’t be frizzy while it’s wet. Simply collect the hair in your hands once the tangles are out, starting from the front and the sides and then bringing the back up last. Secure it all with a ponytail holder in place.

Half-up Look

hairstyleFor anyone with curly hair, the half-up hairstyle recently worn on the red carpet by Angelina Jolie is a simple style, and looks subtly elegant. It’s also perfect for longer hairy women. Simply collect the front and sides so your hair falls away from the face, and use bobby pins to tie everything to the back of your hair. The effect is a short, sleek semi-ponytail.

Consider using bobby pins which are the same color as your hair for this look. You can also use clips to hold back your hair, as an alternative.

This is the best way to make easy updo hairstyles for someone with curly hair. This style is perfect for a casual day, or any formal event.


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