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How to do simple basic makeup for beginners

Good makeup does not just add grace to your personality; it does help you look young. Being a novice, you can feel like you can’t do the makeup like a professional. Create no worries. This article offers some of the best tips for beginners on makeup. You’re going to be able to wear makeup like a pro. The laws of foundation are the same. So let’s get started with simple basic makeup for beginners.

  1. Using the foundation which matches your skin color

Highlighting your facial features is important while making the makeup. It’s about finding your own beauty. Look great, and look tired. Always purchase a foundation that has exactly the same color as your skin.

  1. Using a plastic soft spoon/Business Card

You can place a plastic spoon or a business card at the bottom of your eyelids whilst wearing mascara. It helps in the easy wearing of mascara. It also masks any imperfections, so you can place the mascara easily on eyelashes.

makeup kit

  1. A white liner is used

Use the white liner if you wish to have wide eyes. Place it on the lid below the eye. Choose the liner from the inner corner of your eye to the outside corner of your eye. This should make your eyes wider. These are the simple makeup steps for beginner.

  1. Put the liner on

A good liner is a must-have part of an eye makeup kit. The liner will also be used on both the eyelashes at the bottom and top. Using the liner on the underside makes you look old. So, make sure you put liner on top of your eyelash. Using the liner in between the eyelashes. This makes you look you don’t wear any makeup.

  1. Using the White color as the basis

Start making up your eyes by first applying a base makeup. Get the foundation gleaming white. Use the white shadow on lids and eye corners. You can use the white pencil to draw an arc just under your eyebrows, too. The white color is noticeable in other colours. When the white base has been added, you can use certain shades of the shadow for eye makeup.

  1. Use the curler for lash

They use eyelash curlers to curl eyelashes. They make long and curly eyelashes. Make sure your eyelash is heated before using it.

  1. After each application wipe off your mascara.

If you want to apply mascara without making a mistake then after every application, clean the mascara. It’ll make you wear smooth mascara. I hope those tips are useful to you. Ensure they are put into practical use. Thanks so much for reading.


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